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This facial kit will exfoliate and rid the skin of sebaceous filaments, black head and will tone and lift the skin.

Includes:  (Round Wooden Facial Brush, Silicone Brush Cleansing Pad, Pop-up Bowl, Queen Taylor Cosmeceuticals Eye Pack, Wireless Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber, 2 oz. Ultimate Enzyme Peel, Zinc Protection 20 SPF, 4 oz. AHA BHA Cleanser, 4 oz. Balancing Cleanser, 4 oz. Clarifying Cleanser, 4 oz. Bamboo Exfoliator, and your choice of either our 4 oz. Silver Mist)

Deep Cleansing Facial Kit with Silver Mist

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Deep C. Kit w/Silver
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323,00$cada mes hasta que se cancele
Deep C. Kit w/Silver
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306,00$cada semana hasta que se cancele
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